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Bebeboo CHOICE AI2 shell – fits great, adorable prints, and is easy to use even for working parents! Use it as a pocket, as a cover, as an AIO (Bebeboo soakers stay snapped in the wash), or use it as a swim diaper. It’s your CHOICE.

Sold without soakers, making it an affordable and cost-efficient CHOICE for parents.

Features :

  • One size fits most, approximately 10-35 lbs
  • Get the perfect fit with the help of the 3×3 rise snaps and cross-over snaps; and prevent wing-drop with the help of the hip snaps
  • The front panel helps prevent wicking at the front for tummy sleepers
  • Stretchy yet gentle leg and waist elastics
  • Tunnel style pocket design (in the front and in the back) allows for easy insert stuffing; and for the inserts to agitate out in the wash, which means one less task to do for the busy working parents
  • Lined with a soft athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) that is stain resistant; lightweight and cool in the summer; and also amazing in wicking moisture away from the skin
  • Has size 20 receiver snaps that are compatible with most snap-in inserts. Use it with your favorite Bebeboo insert or your choice of absorbency.

Fabric Content :

Water-resistant Outer : (PUL) polyurethane heat laminated polyblend fabric

Soft Inner Lining: Polyester knit

Note :

  • Prints are non-positional, will vary, and may look different from the photos.


  • Wash before first use
  • Remove solids and keep dirty diapers in a dry pail or wet bag until laundry day.
  • Washing every 3 days is recommended; you can go longer or sooner depending on your circumstances.
  • Pre-wash (quick wash) with no or little detergent to rinse off urine and soiling. Follow with a warm long wash cycle. Wash with the correct amount of detergent recommended by your detergent manufacturer for the load size. Add extra rinse, if desired.
  • Tumble dry low or air dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener and dryer sheets, and petroleum-based rash creams as they will coat the diaper causing them to become water repellent and leak.
  • Zinc-based rash creams may stain, best to use a reusable liner or disposable liner to prevent staining.
  • Do not use bleach, baking soda, vinegar, or additives as it may break fibers down and cause delamination.
  • Do not iron, do not dry clean.
  • For stubborn stains try laying freshly washed, still damp diapers out in the sun.


  • Diapers are CPSIA compliant.
  • Small batch production and ethically made.
  • Tags and packaging (stickers, note cards, etc) are printed using plant-based ink on paper that has a minimum recycled content of 30%. We skipped the UV coating and other gloss finishes to avoid unnecessary chemicals and ensure that our tags can be recycled and or composted safely.
  • Each order is thoughtfully packaged with eco-friendly supplies.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

0050 Burgundy, 0051 Teal, Akumal, Arabian Nights, Believe, NVCCF 2021 Fundraiser, Blush, Brown Bear, Caladium – for Mother's Day, Camp Bebeboo, Cerulean, Chanterelle, Eggplant, FaBooLous, Fall Bouquet, Farm Tales, Gamer – for Father's Day, Good Ol' Days, Grace (2020 NVCCF Charity print), Grasshopper, Here Comes The Sun, Home, Earthday 2021, Hunters Moon, Incendio, Lemon, Lime, Love Bug, Nature's Gold, New Leaf, On Pointe, On The Go, Periwinkle, Prickles, Races, Renacer (Reborn), Romeo's Song (2019 NVCCF Charity print), Royal, Rubber Duckie, Seabreeze, Seafoam, Terracotta, Tlaloc, Tree Of Life (OV Fundraiser 2021), Unconditional, Unicorn Dreams, Verbena, Viajeras Del Mar, Winter Bloom, Wintergreen, Yang, Yin, Zodiac

3 reviews for Choice (Shell Only)

  1. Melanie D-W

    These are wonderful cloth diapers! I send these for daycare since they’re easy to use and absorbent. The patterns are cute, the material doesn’t irritate my LO’s bum, and they clean well. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Gina

    I’ve used these almost exclusively for the past year and a half, they are my favorite pocket diaper. The pocket is big and easy to stuff and the inserts, or whatever you put in the pocket, agitates out in the wash super easily so no need to unstuff soiled inserts!

  3. Justine Wentzell-Chang

    Omg the AWJ is a game changer! It really keeps baby SO dry! There have been a few times his entire absorbency was SOAKED! But the liner still felt dry. This doesn’t happen with microfleece or micro suede. Only thing is I do feel like AWJ stains easily, even though it’s not supposed to, and because it dries so well and so quickly, it’s difficult to sun them. Other than that, I love love love these. Fit is also great, and becasue of the AWJ, it’s stretchier than other pockets we have.

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