HOME, Bebeboo’s 2021 Earth Day Release – available Monday, April 12 at 9am PST

This print features many endangered animals such as Fox, Polar Bear, Flamingo, Sloth, Parrot, Owl, Whale Shark, Whale, Toucan, Sea Turtle, Hedgehog, Deer, Rhino, Peacock, and a Red panda. Painted in their bodies is their habitat (home).

Pollution and industrialization developments are affecting the habitat of many species. The loss and degradation of habitat are causing the decline of species survival which often leads to extinction.

Earth is a home we share with many plants and animals. As humans, we have the responsibility to do our share in helping preserve this home for future generations.


This collection will be available only in Choice, Flex OS & Petite, and Medium Wet Bag. Limited quantity available.

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Accessories Bundle, Change Mat, Choice Bundle, Choice OS, Flex OS, Flex OS Bundle, Flex Petite, Flex Petite Bundle, Medium Wet Dry Bag, Small Wet Bag


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