Because of your support we are able to contribute to the following amazing organizations whose work are very dear to us. Thank you so much!

The Cloth Option

Have you ever had to extend diaper changes to save on disposable diapers? I have. We went through a few months of tough times when our second child was an infant. Our daycare does not accept cloth diapers, and we could not cloth diaper full time because we were then living in an apartment without access to private washer. At that time no one I knew uses cloth diapers, I had no support/guidance, I was overwhelmed. It was an awful heartbreaking time.

There is a diaper need all over the world, even in America. Disposable diapers are expensive.

And just like food, diapers are a necessity and it is surprisingly unfortunate that no government program provides diaper assistance for underprivileged families.

Read more about Diaper Need in America.


In the past, we have supported The Rebecca Foundation of Las Vegas and now The Cloth Option Organization (TCO).

TCO does not just provide cloth diaper grants, they also help educate and guide those choose to Cloth Diaper.  Read more about The Cloth Option.


The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

A few years ago, I lost my father to Cancer.

Cancer destroys not only the patient but the entire family. Most people experience many emotions as they learn to live with and fight cancer. … Feelings of fear, uncertainty, denial, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, sadness and depression are all a normal part of the cancer experience. My father tried to kick cancer’s butt, yet he lost the fight. We miss him every single day, I still wonder how it would be like if he is still alive. The pain of losing him may just never go away. On some days I just draw comfort knowing that he is no longer suffering and is watching over us every day.

As a parent, I can imagine that the emotion is 10x more difficult when the one diagnosed with cancer is your little one. While we cannot help everyone we have chosen to provide whatever help we can to an organization that helps families of children diagnosed with cancer.  

Read more about Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation.


Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village is dedicated to helping adults with disabilities become the very best version of themselves. Through vocational training, community employment, day services, advocacy, arts and social recreation, these individuals are able to find new friends, realize future career paths, seek independence and community integration, and unleash creative passions.


Learn more about the work and services of Opportunity Village here.



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